Birth Doula


Our Birth Doulas...​

-Meet with you and your partner to discuss your desired birth experience 

-Assist you with the creation of a birth plan


-Attend the hospital to support you for your birth whether it be an induction, spontaneous labor or scheduled cesarean

-Provide emotional support to you and your family during labor, birth and immediate postpartum

-Our doulas are also Certified Massage Therapists who use massage and other relaxation comfort measures in labor 

-Our doulas a proficient in Spinning Babies techniques 

-Always provide evidence-based information

-Helps expecting parents to become informed about various birth choices

-Help the parents prepare a plan for communication between the mother and care provider

Birth Doula Packages

Birth Doula Package



-Includes one prenatal massage

-Email and telephone support from point of purchase prior to your 37 week mark (48 hour response time)

-Dedicated 24/7 on-call labor support (from week 37 to delivery) and mobile numbers of our doula back-up team just in case

-One 90 minute Prenatal Consultation to discuss birth preferences, newborn procedures, labor positions for comfort and progress, relaxation tips, and what to do when labor begins

-Provides birth plan samples and an easy guide on how to construct your own and present it effectively to your care providers

-in-person support for your labor, delivery, and the immediate postpartum time

-Assistance with initial breastfeeding

-Unlimited text, email, phone support during daylight hours within four weeks of your baby's birth

-One 90 minute postpartum visit to review the birth and provide tips for healing, newborn care, and breastfeeding

Birth Doula


Prenatal Massage Package


-Includes all of the Birth Doula Package services PLUS 2 Prenatal Massages

Birth Doula &

Full Package Massage Package


-Includes all of the Birth Doula Package services


-3 prenatal Massages

-1 postpartum massage

Premium Birth Doula &

Massage Package


-Includes all of the Birth Doula Package services


-3 prenatal massages

-2 postpartum massages

-2 daytime postpartum doula visits (Up to 4 hours each)

-Placenta Encapsulation