Aja Youman

Postpartum Doula
Licensed Midwife

Aja has spent the last 15 years nurturing parents and their newborn babies. Her postpartum support focuses on helping families with bonding, healing and rest.


-CPR/Basic Life Support certified Midwife

-Extensive experience with twins & triplets

-premature newborn care

-special needs neonatal, premature and infant care


Services Offered:

-overnight care to help parents maximize sleep 

-daytime care 

-Immediate postpartum visit to help with bringing home baby

-breastfeeding support

-birth processing

-belly massage & binding

-baby massage

-baby bath time tips and tricks

-Swaddling and soothing tips and tricks

-light housekeeping and laundry

-check up on baby's vitals and weight/growth

-vaginal steaming

-Post-birth healing care  

-evidence based education and information

-meal prep/menu planning

7am to 7pm $35/hour (4 hour minimum) *twins add $5/hour
7pm to 7am $42/hour (8 hour minimum) *twins add $5/hour
Video or in-person consultations available